Former Collegiate Offensive Tackle
Disc pain and hyper-lordosis

Rachel Voyles has changed my life and I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with her.  As a retired football player I have had my fair share of injuries accompanied by more surgeries than you can count on one hand.  That being said, I have seen some of the best traditional physical therapist, massage therapist, and corrective exercise people in the country.

I was rehabbing from my 3rd back surgery when I had hit rock bottom.  I spent and entire month in bed being in so much pain my only movement was going to the bathroom.  I had to be assisted just to walk 20 feet to the bathroom. I had been seeing a traditional physical therapist with little progress and I was starting to freak out.  I don’t know how I went from an elite athlete playing at the highest level to moving at the pace of a geriatric.  The worst part was I was only 25 years old. I needed to make a drastic change, and that’s when I met Rachel. 

Upon meeting Rachel I was seeing other professionals whom according to google, were the best at their craft.  After a few sessions with Rachel, I soon realized she was the only person I needed to see.  She actually listened to me and didn’t just follow a standard protocol, it’s was specialized to me.  I had big goals to be back to doing the things I love and without her I wouldn’t have been able to do it.  

Rachel was able to get me back to where I wanted to be. First I wanted to walk with out pain and from there my goals got more and more progressive.  I’m an extremely active individual and I wanted to be that way the rest of my life.  Rachel and I worked toward goals. She took me from a guy who couldn’t even get out of bed to working out everyday, running, hiking, wake boarding, cycling, Olympic lifting, etc... There’s no new hobby that I am unable to do and it’s all thanks to Rachel. If you’re willing to put in the work, Rachel will deliver the results.

I cannot not say enough good things about Rachel.  Her passion and knowledge sets her apart from all of the other “professionals” I’ve worked with.  She’s constantly learning so that she can bring the absolute best to the people she works with.  I am forever thankful for all things Rachel has done for me, I wouldn’t be where I am today with out her. 

JOE Lewis

Professional Cyclist
Knee and back pain, hip balances

Invested, compassionate, reliable.

To label Rachel simply a therapist, masseuse or something like that would be an egregious undersell. Rachel is a healer, she has helped me heal strained muscles, cracked ribs, bruised egos and hurt feelings. Rachel was a key component in rebuilding my athletic career, whether that was helping me with current injuries or helping prevent future ones, her constant positive outlook helped me be optimistic and push through when I was on the verge of quitting. If you manage to find yourself in the unlikely circumstance that you've injured yourself in a way Rachel isn't sure how to heal, she is the sort of person that will figure out how or who can fix you. To anyone thinking about hiring Rachel for anything: do it! Hire someone emotionally invested in your success.


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist at KinetikChain
Whiplash, neck and jaw Tension

Rachel is incredible at what she does. She's brilliant, kind, and incredibly compassionate. I have had long standing neck issues and she made a very large difference in just one session and made me want another session ASAP. I really can't recommend her enough, and if you have any doubt, go ahead and give her a call - you won't regret it.

Preslie hirsch

CrossFit Athlete / owner of
Hey Preslie Nutrition
Pelvic pain, headaches, shoulder pain, stress

Rachel is unlike any one else in the industry. I only wish I had gotten in touch with her sooner! I've had a history of health conditions, that through countless appointments, tests and doctors, only grew more confusing to address. The frustration of being in pain when you're actively seeking relief is so tough, but Rachel makes it all much simpler. She's honest, easy to understand, and can make any condition, or series of conditions, seem totally solvable. In very short periods of time, she's been able to get me out of pain through creative methods that weren't otherwise suggested to me by other providers.

She's not only excellent at actually alleviating discomfort, but her communication skills and empathy are second to none. You can tell that she deeply cares about her work and the people she helps, and as a health professional myself, I recommend her to clients regularly. She's worth every penny, and I promise that you'll be so happy you reached out to her. It's the first step of the rest of your life! 


Former Collegiate Athlete / Lawyer
Acute low back injury

I am Joseph Duarte, a former college athlete and practicing attorney in Phoenix.  In 2014, I crashed my mountain bike on some desert boulders.  The injury proved much more severe than originally thought.  Consequential inflammation involved damage to the spine, nerves and muscles in the lower back.  It immobilized me to the point I could not get out of bed without pain and walked hunched over due to stiffness and soreness. 

     A trip to the emergency room was necessary to ensure no vertebrae were fractured.  Subsequently, I was directed to Rachel Voyles, whom I was advised excelled at working with individuals to overcome injury, regain function, and resume athletic activity.  In retrospect, it was a very modest assessment of her capabilities. Her expertise is extraordinary. Her educational foundation is sound with a knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology.  Her background in combined disciplines of massage, physical therapy and athletic competition allowed her to assess weak points due to the injury and increase increments of physical activity.  Within 2 weeks, I was walking and moving without pain.  Within 4 weeks I had regained a significant measure of strength and stamina.  Within 6 weeks, I had not only regained full capacity but was more physically fit and well than before the injury.  The regimen incorporated many aspects of physical performance.  Stretching, resistance, body support manipulation, aerobic activity and dynamic movements were integrated to tolerate athletic stress.   

     Her unique approach instilled a confidence commensurate with the improvement in my medical condition.  I had never before suffered a serious impairment due to injury and had to overcome the mental blocks to healing and recovery.  The results were spectacular, far more than I could have imagined.  We put in the work together.  She was accessible and engaging, for example, explaining why it was necessary to build up the core muscles prior to returning to the free weights.  Her energy and spirit are indefatigable.  And contagious. 

     Whether a person is an elite athlete, recovering from an injury or simply interested in maintaining the highest level of wellness and fitness, it would do well for anyone to avail themselves of Ms. Voyles instruction and direction.  I recommend her without reservation and would advise prospective clients to keep in mind that retaining her is an investment in yourself, not a cost.