MCNULTY WINS Giro di Sicilia

Well... we did it! I’ve been trying to find a balance between being fully present in racing moments and sharing this experience and the many sweet moments that keep me coming back. This is beyond worth sharing… (blogging isn’t my strong suite, bodywork is… so bare with me here):

This week started with Brandon’s 21st birthday - which we celebrated by picking up cake, ice cream, a birthday banner for the delicacies and, of course, birthday hats. Nothing like birthday zoomies fueled by Italian gelato. From there the week took a sharp turn from the sunny first day into what I can only describe as racing through Stephen King’s “The Mist”. Cold, rainy, winding and technical cobble descents through small Sicilian towns - with damn near zero visibility. Where are the race whistles coming from? No idea. I’m no pro cyclist and even I could see this was not an easy race even with good weather… add in those factors and it truly made this race wild and challenging.

But… don’t underestimate a Phoenix boy with a taste for epic wins and a brotherhood of teammates to boot. These boys remind me more and more everyday of the 2017 Holowesko | Citadel squad that was an epic brotherhood with some of my favorite memories to date. The things you can do when your hard work is saturated in recovery of laughs, weird outbursts and epic one liners with your friends is just something you can’t quantify in the realm of performance.

Nothing will give you chills and pride to be apart of something like seeing teammates and friends totally bury themselves for each other and have it culminate to a sweet sweet victory. Couldn't be more stoked for Brandon and this rad group of guys. More headlines like this to come... mark my words 💪🏻. 

Also… Hilariously strange little epic movie trailer of the mental solo win that cascaded into the battle (and victory) for the overall the next day. Pretty weird for the race to make a highlight reel like this… but whatever? Best and most appropriate moment here: the audible "FUCK yea!" the second this rockstar crossed the line. Couldn't be more deserved, I tell ya.